My Work




These are the things that make my life worth living.


My strongest passion. Music is the most evocative art form I have ever encountered, the avenue of human expression that speaks more to my soul than any other. I suppose that I could say that it is my soul, my sanctuary and my solace.

Hi-Fi Audio

As music holds such a hallowed place in my universe, I suppose it's only natural that I should turn out to be a compulsive audiophile as well. "Whatever I do, it's never enough," as the old song goes, and I haven't yet begun to spend.

Fast Cars

Sensibility and sensitivity aside, I must confess to being a bit the Typical Male. As such, I like a bit of speed on the highways from time to time. Ford was once my make of choice, but recently I've had to bow to the inevitable and give credit—and money—where it's due.

Traditional Japanese Culture

One of the oldest and most abiding influences upon my nature. Together with the New Romantic outlook, the old Samurai Culture of pre-modern Japan defines my intellectual universe.


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